#Kart Academy |

16 Jun 2017

Last Tuesday 13th of July took place the Kart Academy presentation to all the different Professional Training Schools and Institutes

STA - Sociedad de Técnicos de Automoción (engl. Society of Automotive Technicians), with the collaboration of CIAC, motorsport2020.cat and the Catalan Automobile Federation, launched, at the facilities of Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, their new project called KART ACADEMY, aimed at all students of Professional Training Schools and Institutes in Catalonia.


The launch was made with the attendance of representatives from more than ten Professional Training Schools of the country. KART ACADEMY is a competition between students from Automotion Training Institutes and Schools, with the aim of Designing, Building and Competing with a kart that has been developed by the students themselves.

The students will make-up a team that will have to face real-life situations to be successful. They will have to work together to design, build, test and compete with a vehicle within the framework of specific regulations, being able to generate the necessary financial support to carry out their project.

The project will be developed during the academic year, with the aim of taking part in a meeting with the rest of the teams in June 2018, during which all projects will be valuated objectively. The teams will have to present and defend the design of their vehicle. The assessment will be based on how the specifications were met, as well as the process used to reach the final result.

There will also be acceleration, breaking, slalom and endurance tests that will allow for the definition of the winning team.


The initiative was warmly welcomed by the attendants and there was an interesting question-and-answer session that will surely allow the organisation team to adapt much better to the needs of students and teachers.