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13 Feb 2017

Motorsport2020.cat participates in the collaboration agreement between Campos Racing and Circuito de Calafat

Mahindra Racing team – technically supported by Campos Racing - was able to enjoy last 8 February, once again, the new Mahindra chicane at Circuito de Calafat. This new device is a consequence of the agreement signed by Campos Racing and the circuit located in the village of Ametlla de Mar, both of whom are members of motorsport2020.cat.

The agreement was reached thanks to the efforts of motorsport2020.cat, amongst others, who put both organizations in contact to give Campos Racing the chance to make use of the Calafat racetrack. In fact, the circuit is located halfway from the facilities owned by Campos Racing in Barcelona and Valencia and it features very similar characteristics to those of the urban racetracks in which the vehicles of the Formula E World Championship are going to race, except for one: it has no chicanes.

Thus, as a consequence of this agreement, Mahindra Racing is now able to enjoy two new chicanes: one in the middle of the main straight, which is now known as Mahindra, and a smaller one. The initiative has been funded fifty/fifty by Campos Racing and the circuit, with multiple benefits for both parts. Hence, Circuito de Calafat has turned into an additional attraction for Formula E teams and at the same time, Campos Racing has a 3,250m, track available with tailor-made facilities.